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For forty years, SBCC has helped communities in Los Angeles County discover and develop tools for individual and collective well-being. Throughout our history and across the full range of programs that currently reach more than 5,000 families across the county, we have made a core commitment to place the gifts, talents, and leadership capacity of individuals, plumbing companies, families, and neighborhoods first.

We focus our efforts on the key challenges and opportunities faced by low-income Angelenos striving to build communities where children and families thrive. We organize this work not as services provided to clients, but as initiatives carried out in partnership with individual, family, and neighborhood partners who build their own capacity to incubate, create, and sustain positive change. These initiatives are clustered in our four Impact Strategies, which come together in our Priority Community Strategy.


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[PLEASE NOTE CHANGED VENUE]. Join SBCC on November 1st as we celebrate our 41st anniversary and host our second annual benefit gala!

4 Impact Strategies

SBCC stands for strength-based community change. It stands for strategies to build collective capacity. Ultimately, it stands for families and neighborhoods leading the way toward their own growth and transformation.

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Community Building

Networks of relationships become the social capital that drives change.

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Family Well-Being

We partner with families to meet healthcare, mental health, and other needs through participatory, collaborative networks.

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Child Development & Early Learning

Engaged, empowered parents and caregivers form supportive communities to raise safe, happy, school-ready children.

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Pathways to Self-Sufficiency

Education and youth development initiatives that are much more than tutoring and "college readiness."