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College Support

Applying the best practices of peer and social support from our Career Pathways Program to support post-secondary success.

College Support

When embarking on a challenge like going to college, especially for first-generation college students, it's vital to have a community of support whether that comes from your family, peers or others. SBCC works with low-income young adults who want to attend college and helps them develop their own support unit.

College Connect is a program for first year students with similar career interests that supports the students as a cohort. A support specialist works with the cohort as a group and individually to support relationship building and trust amongst the group and assist the students with financial aid, enrolling in classes, developing study and time management skills, finding part-time employment, and other challenges as they come up.

Coaching Corps is a unique program in which first year college students nominate someone in their life to be their coach while in college. The students and coaches are trained with Coaching Corps curriculum to avoid the typical pitfalls of new college students, acquaint them to the expectations of being a college student, and build the skills necessary to succeed in college and for the coaches, how to support their student to succeed in coach.